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Recommendations to dental offices are changing rapidly regarding shelter in place, social distancing and essential dental treatment. We are working hard to remain compliant with the recommendation by the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and our Governor that California dentists suspend all care other than essential and emergency treatment.
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Dr. Sharon Mateja and Team, Jennifer, Deanna, Sandra & Erika

State-of-the-art Treatment

Laser Dentistry Rancho Cucamonga

A pretty girl with a pretty smileDr. Sharon Mateja combines old-fashioned, personalized service with the latest in dental technology. She proudly offers cutting-edge laser dentistry for all Rancho Cucamonga patients, using the advanced diode laser. A diode laser, which conducts two beams of light through an optical fiber system, is low-current and low-intensity, meaning that it is gentle and generates little heat. Therefore, when cosmetic or restorative procedures are performed using a diode laser, they are quick and virtually pain-free. To learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry, contact us today.

Periodontal Therapy

One of the primary uses of the diode laser is in the treatment of gum disease. When plaque collects on your teeth, bacteria begins to build up as well, causing the gums to become irritated and inflamed. When gingivitis is left untreated, your gums may begin to pull away from your teeth and bone, creating pockets of bacteria. As gum disease advances, your teeth may become loose, and your jaw bone may start to deteriorate. Because the diode laser is attached to an optic fiber, it can actually be inserted inside these pockets, where the energy from the laser kills off the bacteria and detoxifies the gums. Diode lasers can also be used to remove inflamed tissue with less discomfort.

Gum Lifts

A gum lift removes excess gum tissue and reshapes the gum line, giving you a more youthful-looking smile. Because diode lasers are gentle, and immediately seal off blood vessels during surgery, they are the best tool for this procedure. The use of lasers means the procedure is virtually risk-free, requires only topical anesthesia, takes about one hour per arch, and results in little downtime. 

Other Uses of Diode Lasers

Diode lasers are incredibly versatile in their applications and can benefit you in a number of other ways, including:

Treating Cold and Canker Sores

Just as diode lasers are effective in killing bacteria below the gum lines, they can also kill the virus that causes lesions on your gums and inner mouth. By focusing the laser on a newly developing cold sore, the diode kills the virus and eliminates the lesion. The treatment generally takes less than five minutes and has been proven highly effective, especially for patients who suffer from chronic mouth sores. 


The frena are the flaps of skin in your mouth that attach your tongue to the floor of your mouth and your upper lip to your upper gum. If the frenum under your tongue is too large, it can restrict tongue movement – a condition commonly known as being tongue-tied. If the upper frenum is too large, it can cause a prominent gap in your front teeth. Using a diode laser, Dr. Mateja creates a tiny incision, which loosens that excess skin, allowing for normal tongue movement or tooth development. A frenectomy is typically performed on children, though adults can also benefit from the procedure. 

Tooth Desensitizing

If you suffer with excessively sensitive teeth, a short treatment with a diode laser can be of great help. With one brief treatment (the procedure typically takes 40 seconds to two minutes), Dr. Mateja can greatly reduce sensitivity, making future dental work - and your daily life - more comfortable. 

Experience Laser Dentistry for Yourself

To experience the advantages of laser dentistry for yourself, contact us today. Our friendly office staff will be happy to answer any questions, and schedule your initial patient exam.