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Recommendations to dental offices are changing rapidly regarding shelter in place, social distancing and essential dental treatment. We are working hard to remain compliant with the recommendation by the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and our Governor that California dentists suspend all care other than essential and emergency treatment.
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Dr. Sharon Mateja and Team, Jennifer, Deanna, Sandra & Erika

Replace or Repair Damaged Teeth

Dental Crowns Rancho Cucamonga

Young woman with beautiful smileIf you have damaged or missing teeth, custom dental crowns and bridges provided by Dr. Sharon Mateja in Rancho Cucamonga can restore health and balance to your smile. These restorations, made of dental-grade porcelain, are highly durable and look absolutely natural. Dr. Mateja takes great care to ensure that these restorations are biocompatible, providing the very best comfort, function and balance in your bite. If you are suffering with a compromised smile, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed on top of your original tooth, usually following treatment for damage or decay. They are custom-crafted to match the shape and color of your natural teeth. Crowns are used for a number of purposes, including:

  • Covering a severely worn tooth
  • Restoring a tooth that has undergone a root canal
  • Supporting a broken or cracked tooth
  • Concealing a tooth with intrinsic staining
  • Restoring a dental implant
  • Holding a bridge in place

Crowns are typically placed in two visits. During the first visit, Dr. Mateja will treat the tooth by removing decayed or damaged portions. She will then make an impression of the tooth, and send the impression to an off-site lab, where technicians will create your custom crown. While you are waiting for your permanent crown, you will typically be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your tooth. After about two weeks, when the crown is completed, you will return for your second visit. Dr. Mateja will check the fit of the crown and make sure that it matches your surrounding teeth. After making any necessary adjustments, she will permanently cement the crown into place.

Dental Bridges

Bridges, also known as partial dentures, replace missing teeth.  A bridge consists of custom replacement teeth supported by either adjacent crowns or a dental implant. Bridges can be removable or permanent. The placement of a bridge is quite similar to the process used to place a crown. She will take an impression of the gap in your smile, as well as the surrounding teeth. This impression will guide technicians in an offsite lab as they create your bridge. As with crowns, you will usually be given a temporary bridge as you wait for your permanent restoration to be completed. After about two weeks, your bridge will be complete. Dr. Mateja will check the fit of the bridge and make any necessary adjustments. 

Call Us Today

If you have been suffering with a compromised smile, do not wait any longer to achieve the relief you deserve. Contact Dr. Mateja to find out more about crowns and bridges, or to schedule your initial appointment. She will provide you with her signature comprehensive new patient examination, and determine the best treatment to meet your needs. Then she will work closely with you to ensure that you leave her office with a beautiful, natural-looking smile that will last for years to come.