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Straighten Your Teeth Instantly with Porcelain Veneers

Apr 9, 2013 @ 12:00 PM — by Sharon B. Mateja, D.D.S.

Rancho Cucamonga Instant OrthodonticsPeople don’t tend to think of orthodontics as being “instant.” Braces and other traditional alignment procedures can take months, if not years. But with porcelain veneers, patients have the opportunity to simultaneously whiten and straighten their teeth in just two or three dental visits.

With instant orthodontics, you can expect a newly transformed smile with minimal risk. Learn more about this treatment from  Rancho Cucamonga cosmetic dentist Sharon B. Mateja.  

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

A veneer is a thin layer of material that is cemented to the front surface of your tooth, altering its appearance. Typical reasons for getting veneers include discoloration, crookedness, erosion, or damage to teeth. These circumstances are almost always cosmetic flaws that are easier to hide than fix.

Because porcelain is a convincing substitute for tooth enamel, and can easily be manipulated to match patients’ unique teeth, it is an ideal material for crafting veneers. In addition to its color, porcelain is also stain resistant and can last a relatively long time.

In short, porcelain veneers are a quick but permanent way to mask cosmetic imperfections.

Candidates for Instant Orthodontics

The best patients for instant orthodontics with porcelain veneers should meet the following criteria:

  • Crooked, misshapen, or poorly spaced teeth: When teeth are poorly aligned or spaced, they can be an unwanted distraction. Porcelain veneers address these problems by concealing each flawed tooth and replacing them with a neater, straighter surface.
  • Healthy teeth: Porcelain veneers are a way to enhance your teeth’s cosmetic quality, but not their health. Veneers are merely meant to cover your teeth; it does not reinforce them or replace them.
  • A healthy bite: Instant orthodontics is meant to address aesthetic issues of individual teeth. If misaligned teeth negatively affect a patient’s bite or lead to further complications, more traditional orthodontics are needed.

Keep in mind that veneers do not change the position of the teeth themselves. Along these lines, teenagers and adolescents may be better suited for braces, before resorting to alter their teeth for veneers. To better determine whether instant orthodontics is appropriate for you, consult your dentist with these facts in mind.           

What to Expect from the Procedure

Porcelain veneers usually take two visits to complete. Even while waiting for the veneers to be crafted and installed, patients should see the significant reduction in time from other orthodontic procedures.

During your first visit, your teeth will be prepared for their new look. Each tooth receiving a veneer will have a thin layer of enamel removed. This will allow the veneer to fit and cover the tooth. Impressions will then be taken of your teeth, from which the porcelain will be crafted for a precise fit. Between visits, you will be given temporary veneers to wear while the permanent ones are created in a lab. 

During your second visit, the permanent veneers will be carefully positioned and cemented on. With the right care, these adjustments should provide long lasting benefits to your smile.

Alternative Options

Patients seeking treatment for problems beyond cosmetic appearance should speak with their dentist about alternative procedures. For teeth suffering from serious decay or damage, dental crowns are a more appropriate solution. Likewise, missing teeth in need of replacement can benefit from dental implants. In the case of bite or jaw misalignment, braces may be a suitable option.

Contact Our Office for More Information

Instant orthodontics can provide the right patients with teeth they can be proud of for years to come. To see if you’re a candidate for this procedure, contact our Rancho Cucamonga office and schedule an appointment. Don’t wait - let us help you achieve the smile you deserve!

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